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Forthright, Assertive Advocacy For Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether they occur on the heavily travelled New Haven-Hartford interstate corridor or on scenic country roads, motor vehicle accidents can have serious consequences for Connecticut drivers. The UConn Crash Data Repository estimates that more than 33 people per day were injured in Connecticut crashes in 2021. While many of these injuries were relatively mild, others were life-threatening or fatal. Moreover, even apparently minor injuries – especially those that strain the head or neck – can have serious neurological manifestations requiring costly scans and therapies.

Law Offices Of Michael J. Luzzi, LLC serves Connecticut car crash victims with forthright, assertive advocacy. When you work with attorney Michael J. Luzzi, he will establish a trusting, supportive relationship that understands your concerns and goals, and will personally evaluate the evidence regarding the cause and extent of your injuries. Attorney Luzzi’s abilities as a litigator and negotiator can help secure the financial compensation you need to begin your recovery process.

Serious Counsel For Serious Car, Motorcycle, Or Truck Accidents

While any car accident can be severe, those involving motorcycles, pedestrians or tractor-trailers can be particularly devastating. When a crash results in extensive physical damage, a traumatic brain injury, paralysis or other catastrophic harm, the need for compensation to cover emergency medical care, prolonged or lifelong treatment, and the cost of a permanent inability to work can be particularly urgent.

In these situations, it is essential to retain an experienced, diligent attorney who can offer both compassionate guidance and forceful legal representation. Attorney Luzzi has the skills and background necessary to closely evaluate the specifics of your case, make an accurate determination of its value and press for the compensation you deserve. Meanwhile his caring and responsive approach to clients provides you with confidence and peace of mind throughout the legal process.

Extensive Experience, Honest Communication

If you or your loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact Law Offices Of Michael J. Luzzi, LLC. Honest, communicative and driven, Attorney Luzzi can help you understand your options for compensation, while his versatility and extensive knowledge of medical law allow him to tackle even complex and serious injuries. To schedule a consultation, call 203-404-5155 or send him an email.